Studio A Gallery Multi media artist A. Heimbach Fritts of German decent from the derer von Heimbach family. Her aristocratic family coat of arms originated in 1560.
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Original Art by World Renowned International Artist Anneliese Fritts 21st Century Five Star Hall of Fame Recipient

The artwork and collections are featured on several internet virtual art galleries

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Front View with Courtyard Front Side View Road View Side View

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Side with 2 Car Garage

Back View Spring with Azaleas in bloom Yard – Road side with Hundreds of daffodils in bloom Section of Yard in Bloom

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Formal Living Room Dining Room Great Room Master Bedroom

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Formal Living Room with fireplace and built in china cabinet Great Room with rock inlay fireplace and built in bookcases

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Sun Room Sun Room

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Screened Porch

Pictures of the Yard

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Spring 2008 Pictures

Take an enchanting stroll in the flowering Spring 2008 garden of Azaleas, Dogwoods and other flowers in bloom 

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