Studio A Gallery Multi media artist A. Heimbach Fritts of German decent from the derer von Heimbach family. Her aristocratic family coat of arms originated in 1560.
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Original Art by World Renowned International Artist Anneliese Fritts 21st Century Five Star Hall of Fame Recipient

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The A Fritts Signature Design Studio

Profile IllustrationPortable Photo Studio

Open – 8′ Across and 6′ High

Art Pictures on Display

Sculpture on Display

Fashion design set-up for Store Display

Versatile is the word of this inventive portable Photo Studio. Created in modernism in detail of diversity by artist Anneliese Fritts. The unique design allows the photographer a large (8’ W x 6’ H) to take professional quality images at any angle. With additional floor standing lights to diffuse the light reducing harsh shadows, your images will reveal the true beauty of the subject (artwork, sculptures, fashion, etc.). The sturdy construction allows you to hang artwork or other items ensuring the stability of the display. The flexibility of this studio allows you to display items for an elegant presentation.  Custom built design is constructed of solid wood with a sturdy platform with lockable rolling casters. Comfortable to move around for easy storage. The Photo Studio is a 6 feet high and 4 feet wide with 2 front side doors 2 feet each to open with an overall width of 8 feet of space for artwork to be photographed and sculptures 6 feet high. For professional studio quality images created by A. Fritts Signature Design.


Side View Diagonal View

8′ Across  6′ High View

View with art pictures on display

View with sculptures on display

View with fashion design set-up for store display

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