Studio A Gallery Multi media artist A. Heimbach Fritts of German decent from the derer von Heimbach family. Her aristocratic family coat of arms originated in 1560.
Collective Collections

Original Art by World Renowned International Artist Anneliese Fritts 21st Century Five Star Hall of Fame Recipient

The artwork and collections are featured on several internet virtual art galleries

Art Collections are available for rental or loan, Contact us for more information

Corporate Art

Mirrar Mirage

A Futuristic Media for the Future Today 

Illusion concept of image.  A vision of double magnified endless feeing with a corresponding dual substance of light responses the specific image from the mirror behind  

All art is painted with acrylic on mirror panel

some reflection due to mirror

Glass Art Objects

In the search for alternative artistic expression see the variety of small art objects of glass elements of sculpt textural accent of variegated distinctive innovation.  Each piece is unique by itself.



Glass Bubble

Mixed media of acrylic sculpt (4 settings)


Alone – $300.00

With Black Pedestal – $350.00

With Acrylic Stand – $320.00


My Space – Think Green


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